wringer for cleaning clothes. The WonderWash is available through Jade Mountain, (800) 442-1972, and costs $45.
The Mag-lite. This is my personal choice for your Y2K flashlight. It uses three stan-dard, off-the-shelf, D-cell batteries and is the most powerful flashlight for the price.’ I personally feel that it merits stocking up on D-cell batteries. Not only does the Mag-lite project a powerful beam that can be adjusted from pinpoint brightness to a wide angle lamp to fill an entire room, its weight (about four to five pounds) and hardness make it a formidable defensive weapon in the event of an emergency. Also, the Mag-lite is equipped with high-quality 0-rings in the cap to make it waterproof. Cost for the Mag-lite itself: about $20. As for battery usage, James Stevens discusses D-cell battery usage in his book, Making the Best of Basics. He shows that intermit-tent use of flashlights will lead to a life of about seven to eight hours for each bat-tery.2 Although every Mag-lite comes with a spare bulb in the butt cap, you’ll want to store some extra bulbs along with your batteries.
Starlight. If you really want a nonconventional flashlight that doesn’t use batteries, try the Starlight flashlight. Amazingly, the flashlight gets its energy from motion—you simply shake it. The light will work indefinitely but isn’t as bright as a Mag-lite. Still, you never have to worry about batteries. It sells for $79, and you can order it from:
Applied Innovation Technologies P.O. Box 754 Fort Lupton, CO 80621 Toll-free: (888) 828-1405 Fax: (303) 975-5133 Internet: <http://www.innovativetech.org>
Solar Lantern. Yet another option for lighting is the Real Goods Solar Lantern. This innovative product features a five-watt fluorescent flood light, a powerful flash-light, and a red-lens flashing warning light. The built-in NiCad battery pack will run the fluorescent lamp for more than four hours, the flashlight for eight hours, or the warning light for forty hours. Solar recharging takes eight to ten hours in full sunlight. The unit sells for $69.95. You can order it from:
Real Goods Trading Corp. 555 Leslie Street Ukiah, CA 95482-5507 Toll-free: (800) 762-7325 Internet: thttp://wvvw.realgoods .com.a.
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